So who is Dan? I’m thirty something and married to the beautiful and refreshing Ray. She’s a hard-core techie; a database developer, and I’m a soft-core techie; web everything. We’ve been married for about a year and loving every moment of it.

I first came online when I was in my teens and started a blog called the Xtrapreneur. It had some hits but I was mostly fooling around. But that experience had me hooked for life. I went off into the brick and mortar world where I worked for a bank, a banking software development company (in marketing) and in an investment firm that specialized in online Forex trading. It would seem the WWW had been following me around.

Pretty soon, I got tired of brick-and-mortar employment and ventured (back) to the Web. I quit my job and started my online life on Textbroker where I worked for about a year. I soon outgrew the platform and set off to look for other platforms and opportunities. Next I settled on Odesk where I’ve worked and maintained a 5 star profile for the last four years.

I recently set up this very comfy little office called my website to give you, my clients, a better and richer experience of the person I am. Over the years I’ve worked with dozens of clients from all over the world, something that I’ve enjoyed extremely as I feel I’ve been all around the world. It’s the same reason I look forward to working with you too!

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