The "What" Of Content Marketing

The "What" Of Content Marketing

Content writing gets down to the nuts and bolts of content. Strong writing skills encompassing comprehensive research, solid grammar, and excellent editing are essential to creating high-quality content. While getting writing talent in-house is possible, most small and mid-sized companies benefit more from outsourced talent. Whatever your content needs, working with an experienced writer spearheading your content needs is the right choice. 

My Writing Process

My Writing Process


I start by internalizing the writing requirements, understanding the readership, doing research, and jotting down key points. 


Next, I write the first draft using the collected key points. The resulting work is a rough draft. 


At this stage, I’ll go over the draft to ensure usefulness, conciseness, clarity, factual accuracy, and credibility. 


I use tools like Grammarly Premium to ensure grammatical consistency and appropriate Flesch-Kincaid readability scores.


Content optimization involves search engine optimization (SEO) and adding images, graphics, and internal and external links. 

Publishing (Optional)

In the final step of the writing process, I publish your content to WordPress, MailChimp, social media or any other channel. 

What I Write

What I Write

With broad writing skills and experience, I can handle the following writing tasks comfortably:

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Press Releases

White Papers

User Manuals

Company News

If you need expertly written content or a competent writer on your team schedule a free Skype call or email me.

Need expertly written content or a competent writer on your team?

Need expertly written content or a competent writer on your team?