Simple, Transparent Rates

Simple, Transparent Rates


$ 25
  • *Best for flexible/dynamic work.

Per Word

$ 10
cents /word
  • **Best for clearly-defined writing tasks.

Which Billing Method
Should You Pick?

Which Billing Method
Should You Pick?

*Hourly Billing

Hourly billing works best for projects that require ongoing availability with dynamic tasks. For instance, a content manager or staff writer role may have functions that include content planning, ideation, research, writing, publishing, promotion, and others. In such a case, hourly billing offers the best tradeoff between flexibility and productivity. 

Sample Contract

Role: Content Manager

Responsibilities: Manage a small business blog through ongoing keyword research, regular collaboration with the blog owner to create and maintain buyer personas and formulate short-term and long-term content ideas. Create and manage a content calendar, and write and publish one keyword-optimized 750-word blog post per week. 

Time: 5 hours a week. 

Compensation: $125 per week. ($25 per hour x 5 hours a week.)

**Fixed-rate Billing

Fixed-rate (per-word) billing works best for projects with clearly-defined writing tasks. For example, writing a 1000-word article is a clearly-defined writing task that would cost $100 ($0.1 x 1000 words). A per-word rate includes compensation for time spent on research, writing, and editing. Fixed-rate billing also works well for recurring writing tasks (e.g. two 700-word posts per week). 

Sample Contract

Role: Part-time Writer

Responsibilities: Write one 1,000-word keyword-optimized blog post per week based on provided keywords and guidelines. 

Time: 24-hour turnaround time per article. 

Compensation: $100 per week. (10 cents per word x 1,000 words.)

Volume Discount

I offer a volume discount for projects needing more than 10,000 words per month. Here is a breakdown of how the volume discount works: 

Number of words Cost per word Total cost per month
0 - 10,000
10 cents
10,001 - 20,000
9 cents
20,001 - 30,000
8 cents
30,001 - 40,000
7 cents
40,001 - 50,000
6 cents
50,001 - 60,000 (max)
5 cents

NOTE: Volume discounts are calculated using the number of words assigned, completed and paid for over the course of a calendar month. The next discount band kicks in once the previous band word-count is exhausted. If a single assignment crosses over to the next discount band, it will retain the current pricing band, with the next assignment assuming the new discounted pricing. Volume discounts apply to all content types assigned over the period. 

Quality content can transform your online marketing. Let's start that transformation.

Quality content can transform your online marketing.
Let's start that transformation.